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Ridgecrest Christian School - all photos taken at the Ridgecrest Campus.

Ridgecrest Christian School - Seniors book here for August 24

Ridgecrest Christian School - Grades 11 and under book here for August 23


July 1, 2022 - Christmas in July!

We are now booking for our Santa Experience and Extravaganza sessions.  Santa dates are November 9 - November 12, 2022.  November 11 is Veteran's Day, and kids are typically out of school that day.  The session fee is required to book, and includes your session time with Santa, one 8x10 magic image with Santa, a small gift from Santa, and a print credit toward your order (see details below for fees).

To find out more about the Santa Experience, click here for our Santa guide! 

We have two different Santa options to choose from:

Santa Experience (up to 10 minutes).  This is our normal Santa Experience option.  Your $250 fee includes your session fee, and a $150 print credit toward your order.  This is for one family group only.  If you have multiple families, please book either the Santa Extravaganza or book two Experience sessions back to back.   Click here to schedule a Santa Experience.

Santa Extravaganza (up to 20 minutes).  This is for families who want to spend extra time with Santa, or want to combine cousins/family together.  Your $450 fee includes your session fee, and a $350 print credit toward your order. (If there are no 20 minute Extravaganza slots left, and you want one, contact the studio so we can combine two ten minute sessions together for you.) Click here to book a Santa Extravaganza Session.




October 28 - 29, 2022 - Food for Photos event

This annual event has a small session fee paid to reserve your 5 minute time slot.  All session fees are sent to the Wiregrass Food Bank.  School day type packages are available for purchase after the session.  Information on scheduling will be posted later.